Website Redesign

|mGeN|Stuffing a posted May 4, 14

We're doing some website re-design and optimization to make our website more user friendly and easier to access different article of information than before. If you have any suggestions for us or would like to help in this redesign feel free to drop a post in our website section on the forums under suggestions & feedback.

Any suggestions or feedback are greatly appreciated and thank you for taking the time to play on our gaming servers and spend the time to read articles on our website. Feel free to drop a forum post and help others out.

If you are ever feeling even more generous, feel free to donate to the website and get rewarded with something. (We have not decided entirely yet, at the moment only giving a glowing name for $5 donations but this is very likely to change)

♫GoldenRecord♫ I would love to be able to Click on the screenshots of the games overhead and be brought to a server list/IP page
CahenNL a Though the current day on the calendar looks a bit pale ...
CahenNL a I kinda like the timer ...

Fundraiser Sale

|mGeN|Stuffing a posted Feb 4, 14

We're having a fundraiser sale to try and raise some money to help keep the servers up and running until summer time!

Help us reach our goal of $500 and earn a reward for helping us!

The highest donators will be able to get a free game! First place gets to choose first, Second place gets one out of the two remaining games, and third gets whatever the last game is!

Games are:

  • Battlefield 3
  • Natural Selection 2
  • Garry's Mod

Want to donate for no reward? Feel free to contact Stuffing on steam to see about donating for no reward, just to help support the community!

Along with this fundraiser, there is a 25% off sale on everything. We are selling almost anything to help raise money, so if you would like to know about something feel free to contact us.

Zefrom I wanna donate using my Steam Wallet, can I do that?
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